Our Leadership

Meet Our Principal, Mr. Senatus!

Mr. Senatus  has over 14 years of teaching and administrative experience in Philadelphia and neighboring school districts. A native of Haiti who came to the United States with his family to pursue the American dream. Accompanied by the fact that he is a father of 2, and a husband of 12 years, Mr. Senatus brings a clear understanding on how to properly bridge the achievement gap and support our community.

Mr. Senatus worked as a Director of Climate and Restorative Practices at Eastern University Academy Charter School. While there, Mr. Senatus focused on supporting the academic program by leading the special education program, conducting evaluations and addressing the social emotional needs of that school. At Olney Charter School, Mr. Senatus worked as a Teacher Coach  where his primary responsibilities were to evaluate, support, and coach teachers on effective classroom practices. In his previous experience before coming to Steel, Mr. Senatus served as the Assistant Principal for Munoz Marin Elementary School. While there Mr. Senatus worked to transform Marin from a school that was about to be taken over by a charter to a school that successfully embraces the Acceleration Network model.

While there, he worked to create a data-driven culture built on student achievement, and growth. At Marin he transformed the school to an environment built on the foundations of Restorative Practices and positive teacher, community and student relationships; Achieving a 51% as measured by the SPR in 2 years. Mr. Senatus brings a belief that, as the principal, it his job is to serve and empower our students to achieve. Finally at the core of his beliefs, he lives by the principle that the students are at the center of all school-related decisions.